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Summer internships abroad

Are you interested in doing in internship abroad during the summer? Huawei and Infosys both offer an intensive summer internship programme in close collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. All costs for travel and accomodation will be covered by Huawei and Infosys.

Broaden your horizon

Doing an internship will allow you to put academic knowledge and theory into practice and to engage in a professional setting. In addition, immersing yourself in another culture broadens your horizons professionally, personally and culturally. You will learn to understand different ways of (intercultural) communication and interaction, both with students from other countries and with colleagues in China and India.

Summer internships

One of the advantages of a summer internship programme and a reason for the University of Amsterdam to support these programmes, is that they don’t overlap with the academic curriculum, allowing you to keep focus on your academic programme and other activities during the year.

Huawei Telecom Seeds for the Future programme

Infosys InStep programme

Develop your skills and boost employability

Internships abroad have a steep learning curve. You will learn and develop crucial skills for highly international labour market of today, including intercultural competencies and working in a team. At the same time you will build your international network, improve your prospectives and get a head start in your professional career.

Highly motivated top students

The two summer internship programmes are open to highly motivated, top students. Applicants will take part in a strict selection procedure, based on grades, a letter of motivation and a resumé.

Read criteria and application procedure for Huawei internship

Read criteria and application procedure for Infosys internship