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Do you want to tackle a global challenge while improving your intercultural competence and entrepreneurial skills? Join the NICE project!

  • Cooperating in transnational teams

    Network for Intercultural Competence & Entrepreneurship (NICE) is a multi-university collaboration to help you develop intercultural competence and entrepreneurial skills.

    This programme consists of a 7-week virtual learning environment in which you will be educated on intercultural competences and entrepreneurial skills. Together with students from across Europe you will learn how to apply these skills and work in a transnational team to solve a global challenge.

  • Global Challenges

    The Global Challenges are outlined by the UN as the main issues facing the world in 2018. They span key topics of health, climate change, diversity, energy, security, transport and food.

    To help you decide which Global Challenge you would like to work on, we have put together some guidance on each of them.

    Global Challenges

  • Optional Summer School

    After completing the 7-week online course, there will be an opportunity to be selected for the summer school that will take place from 21 July to 27 July 2019 at the University of Dublin.

    The focus of this summer school will be on entrepreneurship and intercultural competence.

    The costs for the courses and accommodation during the summer school will be covered. In addition, participants receive a partial compensation for their travel expenses.

  • Credits and Grading

    This is a non-credit bearing certificate programme, unless you choose to add-on a self-reflective course module (SLICC) that is offered, graded and credited (10EC) by the University of Edinburgh. This NICE reflective learning portfolio is a self-designed experiential learning exercise, where students reflect upon their experience of working within a transnational team to resolve a global challenge.

  • How do I apply?
    • To participate in this programme, you need to be enrolled at the University of Amsterdam.
    • To apply, we will need some details on who you are and your preference of global challenge, as well as a 300 word personal statement on why you would be a good ambassador for the NICE programme, and how completing the course would benefit you and your future goals.

Applications open end of 2019

The deadline for 2019 is now closed. Information about the programme and deadline for 2020 is available at the end of the year.

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