QTEM Testimonial

In the following report, you will read about the experiences of an EB/UvA student who went on a QTEM exchange.

Joep Hoefsloot - Monash University, Melbourne Australia

'I would recommend to go to Monash University because of a very welcoming culture at Monash (each semester Monash receives a big amount of exchange students). Melbourne is a great and diverse city with many possibilities to explore the great nature of Australia'.

I have been on exchange to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. This was during the first semester of 2015, in Europe it would be the second semester in the schoolyear 2014-2015.
After an exchange in Germany, I was ready to even further away from home. My first choice was Melbourne and my second choice was Tokyo. To make this text as useful as possible for incoming QTEM students, I will split my text into several segments.

Preparation for the exchange:
Arranging everything that is needed for an exchange at the other side of the world is a real challenge.
You need to save enough money because housing and living expenses are substantially higher than in Europe. Furthermore you need to choose courses/ units (in Australia a course is what we would call a track in Europe) which can be hard. Therefore I would suggest incoming QTEM students to look at the units given at all the universities before choosing a city to go to.
Also, to be permitted for an Australian Visa you need to put quite some effort in preparations. For example getting an health insurance (it has to be a specific Australian one).
To find a place to stay before you arrive can be really hard. Therefore many people start looking for a place to stay after they arrived in Melbourne. You should think of a monthly price between 500 and 900 dollars for room to stay in.
I could live in Melbourne for 900 dollars a month, paying 500 a month as rent, eating very cheaply (cooking every day) but spending quite some money on social activities. 

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9 april 2018